You already know Curve Communications can manage your advertising campaigns from start to finish, including the ad creation itself – so we look forward to the Superbowl each year more for the ads than the football!

Next year in Canada, thanks to a change in CRTC rules, we’ll FINALLY be able to see those ads during the game. But while we wait, and for those of you who only saw the ads that ran in Canadian news shows, here is a countdown of our to three favourites that you might have missed…and one truly awful ad that might be the worst in history.

3. Clash of Clans – Revenge

The Product

The product is the Clash of Clans app for Android and iOS, a game where you build a virtual army and attack other players.

The Message

This game is fun enough for Liam Neeson. You can take revenge on people who attack your base and people take it very seriously.

Why it worked so well

Actor Liam Neeson is well known these days as the ruthless revenge-seeking father from the popular “Taken” trilogy. The speech in the commercial is a nice little throwback to Neeson’s famous speech in the first “Taken” movie. The theme of “Revenge” was clear and well complemented by an excellent celebrity endorsement and some solid CG.

2. Dove – “#RealStrength”

The Product

Dove’s Men+Care is a line of hygiene products for men.

The Message

Being a man isn’t about how strong you are; it’s about how much you care.

Why it worked so well

Although Dove Men+Care has been around for some time, they have always struggled against their image of being a product for women. This commercial resonated so well with us because it framed the idea of “being a man” as someone who “cares” for his family. By the end of the ad, buying Dove products no longer appears “unmanly,” but a perfectly acceptable solution for men’s hygiene.

The message flowed seamlessly from a strong emotional appeal into their product, making for a touching and memorable commercial.

1. Mophie –  “All Powerless”

The Product

Mophie’s signature product is a special case with a spare battery inside it so you can actually charge your phone without plugging it in to anything.

The Message

Having your battery run out is the worst feeling in the world.

Why it worked so well

There are a number of reasons why this particular ad was our favourite overall.

First, they built up the ending with a lot of suspense. There were tsunamis and earthquakes and crazy disasters with no immediate explanation, which hooked the viewer into paying attention. The beautiful CG definitely didn’t hurt either!

Second, the ending was a clever and unexpected twist. The conflict presented in the ad (running out of batteries at a critical time) was one that many people resonated with.

Third, they presented the Mophie product as an easy solution to the problem. Buying a Mophie product will solve your battery issues. It was a simple message with a simpler solution.

Worst Ad Ever: Nationwide Insurance – Make Safe Happen

The Product

Nationwide Insurance.

The Message

Protect your kids from accidental death… with insurance?

Why it DIDN’T work

This one has been touted as one of the WORST Superbowl ads of all time. In an environment of both happy-go-lucky ads and touching emotional ads, this one stuck out as being one of the most painfully depressing ads we’ve ever seen.

On top of turning many people off by showing dead children during the Superbowl, the message was also unclear. Keeping a closer eye on your kids might prevent an accident, not buying insurance.

One of the top comments for the YouTube video sums the whole thing up quite well.