On Twitter, using the trending Christmas hashtags will greatly impact how popular your tweets will become.

Hashtags can be very particular though. Should you be wishing someone a happy #Holiday season or just happy #Holidays? If you think it really doesn’t make a difference, think again. #Holiday was used 7.4 million times in the past month, where #Holidays was used only 3 million times!

Using the power of Topsy Analytics, we’ve narrowed down hashtags from November 19th to December 19th that weren’t immediately obvious. Use these comparisons as a rough guide to find the most popular hashtag.

Merry Christmas VS Happy Holidays

#MerryChristmas wins with 14,434 tweets compared to 9,193 from Happy Holidays.

Present VS Gift

We were definitely surprised with this one. Though the words seem identical, #Gift came out on top with 759 thousand mentions, where #Present only netted 38 thousand.

Christmas VS Xmas

This one was fairly obvious. #Christmas won by a landslide (or an avalanche?) with 35 million mentions whereas #Xmas only got 4 million.

Santa VS Santa Claus

People liked to keep it short when they referred to St. Nick. #Santa was mentioned 254 thousand times compared to 33 thousand mentions of #SantaClaus

Deck the Halls VS Tis the Season

#TisTheSeason was the clear winner here, scoring 95 thousand mentions compared to 12 thousand for #DeckTheHalls.

Naughty VS Nice

This was another huge surprise for us. We thought for sure #Naughty would win, but in reality, #Nice came out on top with 134 thousand mentions compared to 85 thousand.

Holiday Season VS Seasons Greetings

#HolidaySeason received 50 thousand mentions where #SeasonsGreetings only got 10 thousand.

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