coca cola

Coca-Cola has exemplified how to target a niche very well lately. They targeted gaming-loving teenagers in Hong Kong with an app-based TV commercial, then in Romania, people missing the sit-down family dinner. At their core, both of these advertisements hit their audience in the sentimental bullseye, by encouraging sharing and togetherness.

Once again, the pop drink giant strikes at the heart of companionship by spontaneously bringing some “light” to an un-named “grey” town.

Is the ad slightly kitchy? Sure. But it gets people to pay attention to the brand is a fun way. In this day and age of extremely short attention spans, getting people to sit down (together!) and focus on one thing (Coca-Cola!) for a decent amount of time is downright miraculous.

The ad ends leaving us wondering if the pop-up park might be set up near us soon. Next time you see a bottle of Coke in the store, if even for just a second you glance around for the truck rolling by with astro-turf, then they’ve done their job. Their brand and the sentimentality that comes with it, has stuck with you.