How to Create Highly Effective Newspaper Ads

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This module is for advertising reps and designers. Learn how you can improve ad effectiveness and bring in more revenue at your newspaper with David Fowler.

David is considered one of the worldwide leading experts in newspaper, print and online advertising strategy, copy and design. He has won prestigious advertising awards for creative direction and has judged numerous national advertising award shows.

David is also the best-selling author of “Newspaper Ads That Make Sales Jump!” (considered the “Bible” of newspaper ad design at newspapers worldwide), and “Ultimate Money-Making Newspaper Ads,” his most recent release. This important book illustrates, step-by-step, how to create, write and design “direct response” print ads—which produce 4 to 5 times the selling power of traditional ads.

David has also trained thousands of newspaper ad directors, ad managers, sales reps, designers and production staff to create highly effective print and online ad strategies.
David has two Masters degrees (Education and Administration). He lives in the quiet seaside village of Capitola, California.

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Lecture 1How to Create Highly Effective Newspaper Ads
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Lecture 2How to Create Highly Effective Newspaper Ads
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