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Candide Gregoire, general manager of Newspaper Toolbox, shares her top tips on how to streamline your sales efforts so you can get commitments from more new advertisers. You’ll also learn about what makes an ad rep stand out from all the others.

Session Objectives:
• A review of the top 5 tips to get more advertising clients
• Learn how to plan your sales efforts to get better results
• Learn how to stand out from the other advertising sales representatives
• Question period with attendees

Who should attend?
• Publishers and general managers
• Advertising managers
• Project managers
• Sales representatives

Candide Gregoire began her career in the weekly press over 30 years ago as a sales representative for a well-known newspaper group in Eastern Canada. She went on to become general manager of three privately-owned weeklies, national sales director for an urban lifestyle magazine, and marketing director for Royal Airlines, a Canadian charter airline company. Candide’s extensive experience in the media and marketing industry eventually earned her an appointment as media director for the largest advertising agency in Quebec.

In 2001 Candide was recruited to Newspaper Toolbox. Since then, she has been the managing director of the Toolbox’s English operations. She especially enjoys showing subscribers how they can most efficiently use the product to obtain outstanding sales results.

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