A Media Handbook for Your Newspaper – BC Edition

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The BCYCNA is a non-profit membership organization representing community newspapers throughout British Columbia and the Yukon.

We’ve existed as an organization since 1922, and today we boast a membership of 119 newspapers, with a combined readership of more than 2 million. The smallest newspaper circulates less than 1,000 copies each week, and the largest, more than

Our members reflect the images, thoughts and everyday happenings of the communities they serve. While these communities may vary in size, from tiny, isolated locations to bustling suburban centres, they share one important feature – a strong community newspaper.

These newspapers deliver more than the news. The information they deliver provides readers with a sense of pride, a sense of identity and a sense of belonging.

Section 12015 Edition
Lecture 1About the BCYCNA
Lecture 2Author Bios
Section 2PDF Version
Lecture 3Media Guide in PDF Format
Section 3Preface
Lecture 4Introduction to the Media Guide
Section 4Copyright
Lecture 5Introduction to Copyright
Lecture 6Requirements for Copyright Protection
Lecture 7Uses by Newspapers of Copyright Material
Lecture 8Term of Copyright Protection
Lecture 9What NOT to Do When Gathering Material for Your Reporting
Section 5Court Reporting
Lecture 10Youth Courts
Lecture 11Youths and Provincial Offence
Lecture 12Reporting on Child Welfare Proceedings
Lecture 13Contempt of Court
Lecture 14
Section 6Defamation
Lecture 15Introduction to Defamation
Lecture 16Preparing your Report for Publication
Lecture 17Pre-Publication Lawyering
Lecture 18Third Party Content
Lecture 19Your Special Rights to Correct Errors
Lecture 20Protecting your Special Rights
Section 7Libel Suit
Lecture 21Libel Suit Chart
Section 8Reporter's Notes
Lecture 22Notes Made During Newsgathering
Section 9Advertising Alerts
Lecture 23Copyright in Advertising
Lecture 24Tobacco Advertising
Lecture 25Alcohol Advertising
Lecture 26Marijuana Advertising
Lecture 27Elections
Lecture 28Municipal Government Advertising
Lecture 29Major Sporting Franchises
Lecture 30Reproducing Money
Lecture 31Mortgages, Loans and Financial Services
Lecture 32Advertising of Taxes
Lecture 33Auto Advertising
Lecture 34Promotional Contests
Lecture 35Gambling, Including Online
Lecture 36Multi-Level Marketing
Lecture 37Satellite Dish Advertising
Lecture 38Surrogate Mothers
Lecture 39Sale of Firearms
Lecture 40Wildlife Advertising
Lecture 41Accommodations
Lecture 42Employment Advertising
Lecture 43Identity Theft
Lecture 44Misleading Ads
Lecture 45Sale of Cemetery Plots
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