So if you’re in the social media industry, you might have heard that last week was the much anticipated, internationally-hosted Social Media Week. Every year, this conference attracts the best industry leaders in social media, advertising and marketing, so it isn’t surprising that events are well-attended both online and off.

While I did not have the fortune of attending one of the live conferences (the closest conference to Vancouver is New York, New York), I did manage to catch a couple of the great speakers through Livestream. If you’re an industry folk, I definitely recommend checking out the archives for great information and resources.

Here are some of the events that I found very useful, considering that they gave very concrete strategies – included great examples – and provided me with great insight into the direction of the industry.

SMW Miami

Using Social Media for Sales was a very helpful in delivering different strategies for generating leads through a variety of social media platforms. I would highly recommend this for companies in niche markets, looking to connect with the customers with a targeted yet authentic approach.

Creating Compelling Content for Social Media was great for not only content marketers, but any brand that is looking to hone their content strategy for their community. My key takeaway? Make sure you have goals with each content you put out. What do you want the user to do? How do you want them to act after reading your content?


The Rise of the New Community Manager was a personal favourite of mine; not only because it was an all-woman panel, but also because they were very effective in breaking down the different skills required of new community managers, including: relationship managing, orchestrating a ‘symphony of content’, crisis radar technician, and many more.

All Earned Media is Not Created Equal talked a great deal about catering to human behaviour rather than technologies. It really comes down to 1) Starting with a compelling story 2) Tapping the right talkers/influencers 3) Choosing your social channels. Great breakdown of what makes a campaign talk worthy and unexpected.

SMW Washington

It’s Not Just About the Likes: Measuring the Effectiveness of Social Media is one of those presentations that are key for serious social marketers. Metrics can often be either neglected or misinterpreted, and this presentation gave really solid strategies on measuring success and effectiveness. Definitely tune in to learn about KPI and diagnostic metrics.

Again, I would encourage you to dig through the archives, and check out some of these amazing events for yourself. It’s definitely one of the most exciting events of the year to follow.