Facebook algorithms

As we wrote about a couple weeks ago, getting substantial publicity on Facebook can often require paying for advertising or promoted posts. However, if you’re wanting to increase your Facebook presence organically, you have probably looked at increasing your “likes.”

Ever thought “I have 70 billion page likes on Facebook, why doesn’t anyone engage on my page?” While you may “like” a page, you’ll often probably never return to it, unless you see some compelling content that encourages you to engage.

Wait. I haven’t been seeing a lot of brand page content in my news feed lately. But I’ve “liked” 100 pages! What is going on?

16% Is Not 100%

On average, only 16% of your page “likers” see your content on their news feed. Why? Blame Facebook’s algorithm system. It assumes what we want to see by how often we engage with brand pages. Therein lies the answer to why you haven’t been seeing a lot of brand content in your news feed lately. If you’re not seeing it, then most likely your page likers aren’t seeing yours.

For instance, if you like two major car brand pages, but only comment, share or like updates from one of them, eventually the other one will stop showing up in your news feed, despite liking their page and despite them posting content.

Engage Your Audience

The simplest way to boost your visibility on news feeds is to get your “likers” engaging in your content. The more your stuff is commented on or shared, the more you’ll start showing up in their news feeds. Some suggestions:

  • Ask a question – try to make them open ended to increase engagement
  • Post a picture — get people to caption it
  • Ask people to “share” a picture or status update


Your Facebook brand page has “insights” only available to the administrator of the page. Insights can show you what types of posts are getting the best engagement on your page, how many likes you received in a certain week or the reach of a particular post.

Learn it. Use it. Love it. It could possible change how and what your post.

Because we think sometimes they like to just mess with us, Facebook updated their algorithms Tuesday morning. Mashable has more details.