Writer’s block is every content creator’s worst nightmare. No one wants to be stuck being unproductive for hours, even days, with nothing to show for it. I’ve run up against writer’s block many times since I started creating content professionally, and it’s never a fun process. To make it pass quicker, here are some strategies you can try the next time you find yourselves in a creative rut.

1. Find your Passion

Choose a topic that you really care about and write about it, even if it doesn’t seem directly related to your industry. Can it be tied to your industry? Can it be tied to something happening in current events that could be related to your industry? If the topic is too much of a stretch to use in your blog, save the idea for later and try to think of a different topic.

2. Find your Angle

Find an angle that appeals to you. The topic “How to use Facebook” is very generic and bland for a blog post. Be more creative and try to find a more interesting story to tell. For example, “How these Companies Gained Thousands of Likes Without Spending a Cent in Advertising” or “Three Corporate Scandals that Destroyed these Companies’ Brand Image.

The more interesting the angle is for you, the easier it will be to write. More often than not, my most popular articles have been ones that I’ve written without any prior planning.

3. Write first, edit later

This is a particularly difficult practice for many writers. They keep writing and rewriting the first paragraph but nothing seems good enough and the article never really gets any traction. In my experience, sometimes it’s better to just start writing and worrying about quality control afterwards.  This can help unclog your mental processes and get the creativity flowing!

4. Leave it overnight

Once you have your first draft written, leave it overnight. Editing with a fresh set of eyes in the morning will help you notice issues with sentence structure, grammar, and flow. If you’re short on time, leave it for a couple of hours at the very least before getting back to it.