Our good friend Brendon Burchard is giving away his newest book, “The Motivation Manifesto”! The book comes out on October 28th, so we haven’t had the chance to read it yet (though we are definitely on the waiting list), but even from the introduction we can tell that it’ll be more than a regular self-help book.

Get it now here:

As Burchard says,

“…this is a book about us, about we, about being human and alive and bold in the modern world. It’s about what really motivates us — about the Personal Freedom to be ourselves, alive and spontaneous, joyous and grateful, powerful and extraordinary… about chasing our dreams courageously despite fear, insecurity, and distraction.”

The book is free (except shipping and handling), and you also get free access to The Achievement Accelerator, a 12-week course that goes into the topics of the book in much greater depth. We’ve participated in Brendon’s online courses before and it’s always been a great experience for us.

About Brendon

You probably know Brendon. Beyond his multiple New York Times bestsellers, he’s the host of the most-watched personal development show on YouTube, and over 1.9 million fans follow him on Facebook. Larry King calls him “one of the top motivation and marketing trainers in the world.”

Brendon has provided thousands of copies of the book for our followers, but obviously, this giveaway won’t last long.

Go get yours now: