Guerrilla marketing is a way for businesses to really think outside the box when it comes to promoting a product. Creative Guerrilla Marketing defines it as “an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results.”

One of the biggest goals of guerrilla marketing is to break away from the competition. By being unconventional and innovative, the hope is that people will talk and discuss the ad. If you’re worried that your new ad will be buried underneath hundreds of others (pro tip: it probably will be), it may be time to consider guerrilla marketing.

Here are three different approaches you can successfully use with guerrilla marketing.

1. Being subtle and clever

Where do people look? Billboards and bus stop ads are quickly tuned out, and newspaper ads are often ignored completely. Where else can you put your message?

Guerilla Marketing 2

The movie Pompeii demonstrates this brilliantly. If you think about it rationally, the baggage claim area is an advertisers dream: a group of people are forced to stand around and pass the time until their baggage arrives.

If your audience is from a different country, there’s a good chance their phones are turned off, so they have nothing to distract them.

Using the baggage conveyer belt as an advertisement is an ingenious way to catch the attention of a crowd. Even if someone has completely ignored the advertisement initially, they have no choice but to look directly at it when their luggage arrives.

Guerilla Marketing 3

Tyskie, a major beer company in Poland, achieves a similar effect using nothing more than a couple of images. By using the door handle in a creative way, people can easily recognize and remember the ad (since it is the first thing people see before entering the building.

2. Being loud and proud

Guerrilla marketing can be subtle like the examples above, or they can be loud and in your face. It is important to be surprising, eye grabbing, and over the top if you want your advertising to stand out.

Guerilla Marketing 7

King Kong 3D pulls off guerrilla (gorilla?) marketing in a spectacular fashion. Even though the ad makes no mention of King Kong at all, it’s pretty obvious when you look at it. Best of all, this initiative attracts attention from everyone and is guaranteed to get people buzzing about your ad.

Guerilla Marketing 9

Similarly, the movie 2012 uses the entire space of a subway tunnel to get its message across. Although this is an area where commuters are probably used to (and ignore) advertisements, the clever use of the floors helps it stand out from a normal subway advertisement.

3. Being a little bit of both

Guerilla Marketing 34

This is one of our absolute favourite guerrilla marketing campaigns. Charmin toilet paper transforms a depressing location like the inside of a public washroom stall into something else entirely. The advertisement is surprising, clever, and consistent with Charmin’s brand image of high quality toilet paper. Although it’s in a subtle location, it’s definitely over-the-top.

The text on the bottom left reads “Empty walls of public washroom stalls were wrapped with visuals of home bathroom interiors. The sub-par bath tissue in each stall was then replaced with Charmin. This provided a unique, 180-degree viewing experience – one that enabled visitors to feel more at ease within a traditionally uncomfortable and unpleasant experience.”

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