No longer relegated to the social media underbelly, Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) is now being utilized by A-List Hollywood actors, astronauts, celebrities and a certain President of the United States.

For the unfamiliar, the Reddit AMA is a digital town hall meeting that enables someone to moderate an open-floor Q&A series. The moderator can choose to answer which questions are asked to them, however, once they do, the resulting discussion thread may go in any direction.

If you feel that you have an interested market that would value an open forum discussion with you, a Reddit AMA can be a great tool for interacting and strengthening relationships with your customer base. Further, it can provide key insights into customer values and interests. However, when done incorrectly, well…just ask Woody Harrelson.

For those thinking about moderating their own Reddit AMA, the following tips will help you create an engaging and enjoyable Q&A discussion:

1. Brand it with a tantalizing headline! You get 30 words for your headline, which is really twice as many as you should use. You want your headline to be to-the-point, but it also needs to sell your AMA. What makes your story exciting?

2. Don’t pitch! This isn’t a sales conference. Participants are hoping for an interesting conversation that often revolves around the irreverent! You’re there to answer people’s questions candidly. As such, refrain from steering questions back to your products and services and focus on keeping things conversational and casual.

3. Think over possible questions beforehand. You should be prepared for some questions. This will help you respond faster and to answer more questions.

4. Don’t be evasive! While you obviously won’t be able to answer all questions, you don’t want come across as dodgy. If there are awkward questions that you foresee may be asked, make sure to prepare a response.