(photo credit: IMDB)

More often than not, you can find a tweet that makes you cringe: whether it’s people proclaiming that America is 2013 years old or finally realizing Titanic was more than a movie. We live in a generation where “yolo” has become a common word, and kids know even more about computers than their parents.

What is one to do? Shun all forms of social media?

No. Use the sometimes eyeball-rolling-head-shake-inducing tweets as a brilliant marketing ploy.

During Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards, audiences were treated to a commercial for the new “Muppets Most Wanted” movie– which uses “totes” uses “ignrent” social media comments in good fun:

[vsw id=”wXfLrt90CHM#t=26″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

It’s a great way to poke fun at those more serious movie trailers containing deep reviews from actual critics– because let’s face it, the latest Muppets movie isn’t Long Walk To Freedom. The ad does exactly what it should– it makes people laugh and remember that there is a new Muppets movie coming out soon.

So next time you read something on social media that makes your eyes bug out of your head, don’t throw your phone at the wall in disgust. Think of how you too can best use it to hilarious results.

… it might also help if you have a hairy drummer, a sweet frog and a bossy pig.