How important is it to raise awareness? Awareness might be a suitable benchmark when it comes to traditional media like television and radio, but social media is a completely different beast.  You can (and should) look beyond awareness and start focusing more on engagement. 


Facebook allows companies to talk and message their fans directly. They can build relationships, tailor individual campaigns, and craft their brand image in ways companies never could a decade ago.  Having a solid community of engaged individuals behind your Facebook brand is one of the biggest goals (and challenges) of Facebook marketing.


Here are three of the big benefits having a close-knit community.


1. High engagement builds up brand champions.


If people like your company enough to stick around and talk with other like-minded people, they must feel very strongly towards your brand. They will most likely become customers (if they aren’t already). Better yet, these highly committed individuals will often share your posts, promotions, and overall brand to their friends and family.


2. Engaged users are a buffer against negative publicity


No one knows when a crisis will hit your company, but if it does, having a loyal foundation of followers who will defend your actions can ease some of the pressure off of your company. Obviously, this doesn’t give your company free reign to do unethical or illegal acts, but having the community on your side could spell the difference between a “good intentioned company that made a mistake” and a “greedy pack of liars that deserved everything they got”.


3. More brand loyalty means higher profit


At the end of the day, businesses need to make money, and Facebook is ultimately a means to that end. Cultivating relationships with potential customers on Facebook will change them into long-term customers who are more likely to stick with you even through price increases.


If you’re curious about how to make this a reality, why not take a look at one of our older blog posts about engagement?