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It shouldn’t be any secret that we here at Curve Communications really love the colour orange. The decision to use orange in our logo wasn’t just a thoughtless choice; we wanted to project our friendliness and confidence.

What about your logo? Are you sure you’re giving off the right message? Take a look at what emotions some major companies are sending out and see if your choice of colour lines up with your brand strategy.


Image Source: Logo Wikia


What it means: excitement, bold, youthful

Examples: Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Disney

Red is definitely a wild, vivid colour that is often associated with risk-taking, increased appetite, and passion. A perfect fit for a company that wants to set themselves apart.

Curve Communications


What it means: friendly, confident, playful

Examples: Curve Communications, Fanta, Tangerine

We love using orange as our brand colour because it captures the excitement and enthusiasm we feel about our business. Orange also helps convey warmth and confidence in the brand.

2000px-Best_Buy_Logo.svgImage Source: Logos Wikia


What it means: optimism, clarity, warmth

Examples: McDonalds, Hertz, Best Buy

Yellow is a very calm colour that emphasizes warmth and cheerfulness even more than orange does. In the case of McDonalds, yellow does a great job of portraying the friendliness and accessibility of the brand.


Whole Foods Market

Image Source: Slideluck


What it means: environmental consciousness, growth, health

Examples: Whole Foods, Starbucks, The Body Shop

Green is a very powerful colour in the business world. Every business wants to portray themselves as being “green”, and having the right coloured logo can go a long way to help make that distinction.

Facebook Logo

Image Source: Facebook


What it means: trust, strength, dependable

Examples: Facebook, Visa, JP Morgan

Blue is a very popular colour for financial institutions, banks, and anything else that requires a higher degree of trust.

Yahoo Logo

Image Source: Yahoo on Wikipedia


What it means: creative, wise, imaginative

Examples: Yahoo, Hallmark, Wonka

Purple used to be a colour of royalty or authority back in older times, nowadays, it can be used to emphasize wisdom or creativity.