When it comes to social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest, finding shareable and compelling content is key. You may be eager to promote your brand or product, but it that’s all you have to share, you might as well be talking to a wall.


Instead, think of your social platforms as that golden opportunity to distinguish yourself as an invaluable resource for your followers to find information. Essentially, become an industry expert in your field.


So where to find this information? Here are some tips and recommendations:



Blogs & RSS Readers


Blogs are a great way to familiarize yourself with the latest industry news, and find content that your readers will find interesting. Since Google pulled the plug on Google Reader earlier this year, there has been lots of discussion about what will take its place. Some of our recommendations for RSS readers:


FeedlyOur personal favorite even before Google Reader’s demise, Feedly combines both user-friendly design, and customizable display options for maximum versatility. Find popular blogs using hashtags or recommended categories.


PulsePulse is a great app for reading blogs on mobile platforms, and on web.


FlipboardNostalgic for newsprint? Flipboard take all your favorite blogs and arranges them to read like a newspaper or magazine that you can ‘flip’ through.


If you don’t want to take the time subscribing to blogs, you can also visit, which helps aggregate the top blogs by topic and industry.



Google Alerts 


Setting up Google Alerts is the quickest, easiest way to monitor Google results for a specific search term. Just type in your keywords (try to include your location for local results), and have Google email you the best results on a daily basis.



Twitter Lists


If you’re active on Twitter, you’ll know that there are tons of Twitter accounts posting great content on a daily basis. A great tool to track these would be to follow Twitter lists. Search your competitors and social media influencers, and see what sorts of lists they manage, or have been added to. Try to find lists that focus on certain industries, or locations.



Your Followers


Listen to your audience! This is the most invaluable marketing research you can possibly do. Look at who your die-hard fans are following, what they’re reading, what they post often about…These are all insights into the type of content you should be putting out there. The more content you can cater directly to your followers, the more likely they will like and share your stuff with their followers.