For all of its ingenuity and staying power, television has been behind the curve when it comes to new forms of advertising. The medium has impressively weathered pirated and PVR’d television, however, its method of financing – advertisements – has stayed relatively stagnant throughout its existence. While direct advertising is the norm on websites, social media and even on mobile, television still uses basic demographics to sell ads  (e.g. “women, aged 40-55, income of 45K watch this show”).

This is understandable. Television advertising is extremely expensive and creating specific ads for micro-demographics is simply unfeasible. However, Coca-Cola recently ran an ad in Romania, of all places, that bucked the trend. While the creative itself was traditional, the bottom of the ad had a bar at the bottom that was streaming live tweets.

The ad was about families needing to have dinner together more often (Coke can never claim their ads don’t tug at the heart strings). Augmenting the sentiment, however, were live tweets from people inviting specific family members and friends to have dinner with them.

Other than being completely novel, having real people disclose their affections for others made the sentimentality seem more genuine. Rather than being just a gimmick, the live feature played a defining role in the ads message.