Looking Beyond Likes

Every company wants to increase the number of likes on their Facebook page. For a business, having lots of likes provides valuable brand awareness and establishes the foundation of your social media presence. However, it’s important to stay focused on your long-term goals.

As an example, Riot Games, a video game development company, implemented an intuitive Facebook campaign several years ago for their flagship online video game: “League of Legends.” League of Legends is a free game but makes money by selling “Champions,” which players can use to fight other players online. While spending money is optional, many choose to buy champions with real money once they’ve invested enough time in the game. “Skins” can also be bought, which alter the champion’s appearance in the game.

Riot’s campaign was simple: Facebook users that liked their page would have access to a FREE champion with an exclusive skin. For new players, the benefit of joining Riot greatly outweighed the costs, and Riot’s social media campaign soared as a result. These customers now had a reason to keep playing, helped spread the reach of the Riot brand to their friends, and became long-term customers. Instead of just being a follower on their Facebook page, these customers became so engaged with the brand that they spent money buying more champions and skins in an inherently free game.

What Does This Mean For You?

Take a second and look at your social media campaign. It might be important to ask yourself two questions:

1. Why Do People Like My Page?

Giving out an iPad might entice a large number of people to your page, but will they stay? Make sure the reward being offered (be it a prize, free content, etc.) is actually valuable to the customer and relevant to your industry. This avoids dealing with people who like your page or post for the incentive, and then never go back to your page again.

2. How Can I Convert Likes to Leads?

Once someone likes your page, what’s the next step? Social media marketing is a multi-step process, from liking a page to engagement on the page, to (hopefully!) becoming full customers. Riot’s social media campaign gave new users an incentive to use their product for the long-term, converting free players into paying customers, as they grew more invested into the game and the brand.

Now don’t get us wrong, Facebook likes are unquestionably valuable, but we believe that they’re just the first step. Converting simple “likes” from just a number on your wall to actual engagement or a lead is difficult, but will be incredibly rewarding for your business.