It should be painfully obvious, but it bears repeating: your business needs a mobile presence. With e-commerce increasingly occurring over smartphones, you need to market your business to the mobile audience. If you haven’t already optimized your online presence for mobile users, you have two options: Build a second site in the form of a mobile app or optimize your existing site for mobile users. Deciding between the two depends completely on your type of business:

You may need a mobile app if:

-E-Commerce is a large source of revenue
-You have numerous business locations
-You provide a web service
-You require customers to have online accounts
-Your customers are heavy smart phone users

You may need to optimize your existing site if:

-Transactions are largely done in person
-You do a lot of business over the phone (e.g. delivery services)
-Your online transactions tend to be small

A mobile app may be worth the investment if you generate enough online sales to justify the development costs of an app. Further, studies show that customers are more comfortable making larger purchases over a mobile device through an app. If your business deals with large transactions, than an app may be right for your business. However, for most businesses that don’t rely on e-commerce, keeping your website up-to-date and optimized so mobile customers can easily navigate and contact you eliminates any need to invest in a mobile app.