If you watched the TV show Friends, you probably remember the episode where Pheobe tried (and tried and tried) to find a completely selfless good deed.

The same could be said for what Coca-Cola is currently doing, or rather, not doing, in the Philippines.

The brand giant recently announced that they will cease all advertising in the Philippines and will instead donate the sum of their marketing budget towards recovery efforts post-typhoon Haiyan. The company had already donated US$2.5 million towards aid.

What’s wrong with this? Absolutely nothing- the Philippines is in dire need of any kind of support, and Coke has deep pockets. However, Coca-Cola is getting a lot of free (and very positive) publicity courtesy of their charitable act. This blog alone is contributing to that. The brand publicized this news through their own website, allowing it to be picked up by media (both traditional and social) across the world.

What Coke is doing is a great thing. Their efforts to help a devastated region of the world should be applauded. But, as scary of a thought as this is, Joey from Friends might have been right: despite our best efforts, there may be no such things as a completely selfless act.