The “Big One” is coming!

Vancouver is sinking!

How many times in recent memory have we heard such things? The reality is, some kind of major natural disaster will happen, maybe in our lifetime. Where do we turn?


When a massive earthquake struck Japan in 2011, the potential for damage stretched across the Pacific to the west coast of Canada. Many of us turned to Twitter for news and information regarding tsunami warnings. The issue being though, with everything happening so quickly, misinformation spread. In some cases, people just didn’t know whose feed to follow.

Enter “Lifeline.”

In a recent post about the potential of the future of social media, Socialnomics touched on this Twitter app currently only available in Japan, created out of necessity after tragedy.

In a nutshell, Lifeline works like this:

  • Enter your postal code at
  • Be given a list of pre-approved area-specific feeds to follow

These feeds range from government officials, emergency services and local media.

Imagine the possibilities for the Vancouver area. Were a major disaster to strike, you could enter your postal code and be given information that you need now. In situations like that, you don’t have time or patience to surf through endless amounts of irrelevant information. (A shelter being set up in Langley is great… Unless you live in North Van.)

Do you see the potential for “Lifeline” in Vancouver? Who would you suggest be added to relevant lists?


Photo courtesy of Heavy Chef