We spoke about the power of guerilla marketing in the past, but its such an interesting topic that it’s definitely worth a second look.

Sometimes, you want your advertising to be loud and dazzling. Advertising pieces that are gigantic will definitely have a big impact on anyone nearby, such as this subway station advertisement for 2012 we showed you last time:

Guerilla Marketing 9

The ad is hard to ignore and automatically includes everyone who walks through the station. However, is this the right approach for every ad campaign?

Not necessarily. There’s no doubt that this is a great ad (one we love very much), but it undoubtedly comes with a hefty price tag.

Sometimes, the best way to get attention for your brand is to be a little subtler. Here’s why:

Subtlety saves you money

As we mentioned before, big campaigns cost big money. Obviously, the child in me wants to create something huge, glamorous, and wasteful (like a giant inflatable dragon that flies over the city blaring out “CURVE COMMUNICATIONS” while shooting fire), but it would cost a ton of money and probably be illegal.

When we’re thinking a little more realistically, small and subtle campaigns can be just as effective as something large and grandiose at the fraction of the price.

If you have a very limited budget, street art comes to mind. The ad below is glorious. There’s no text, but it’s very simple and universally understood at just a glance. Best of all, the costs are incredibly low.

Mr Clean

Don’t have the money for paint? With a little thinking outside the box, even a piece of paper can serve as a solid piece of guerilla marketing.


Subtlety gets people thinking

The biggest goal of guerilla marketing (and arguably any marketing) is to get people thinking and talking about your brand and the products you sell. Instead of spending a lot of money making something flashy, we personally prefer spending that money to make something clever.

For example, this ad from Canon Powershot takes advantage of parking posts (which raise and lower throughout the day) to show off the powerful zoom functions of their cameras. It’s an interesting way for Canon to show off one of their biggest product benefits.

Image sourced from BoredPanda

Image sourced from BoredPanda

Let’s make something clear. If you have the budget to spend, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a big, flashy, expensive guerilla marketing project. Remember, the ULTIMATE goal is to get people talking and to make a big splash. Whatever route you want to take to get there is up to you.

Looking for some guerilla marketing of your very own? We’re no stranger to guerilla marketing ourselves, so send me an email at justin@curvecommunications if you’re interested.