OMG! It’s Social Media!

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On Thursday, I was lucky enough to take part in [...]

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Facebook Releases “Third Pillar'”

By | April 10th, 2017|Industry News, Uncategorized|

Facebook’s newest feature, a revamped search engine called Graph Search, has received a variety of responses. Many people questioned why a common sense feature has taken so long to implement while others feel that it will be be a creative curator of online content, allowing you to receive feedback on dining, travelling, reading, etc. While the jury is still out as to whether this new feature will bring back Facebook users who had in recent times been spending less and less time on the site, the small-business owner is likely wondering how this new feature will affect their online marketing strategy. […]

Why Am I Blogging?

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Everyone who writes for a company’s blog has likely questioned the efficacy of blogging, and to be fair, it’s a question that deserves answering. Taking into account the researching, writing ¬†and editing, populating a blog with regular content constitutes a major investment of time and resources for most businesses. As I will show, like most marketing and public relations, the value of blogging is in the details, and thanks to Google’s newest updates, these details are more important than ever. […]