Curve Helps Burnaby Block Party Draw Crowds

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Thousands of people flocked to the SOLO District Block Party [...]

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Switching Costs – How To Hold on to Your Followers

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Even if you don’t know what switching costs (or switching barriers) are, your business might already have some in place. Switching costs are tangible reasons (both positive or negative) why customers should stick with your business. The more competitive the industry, the more important it is to have switching costs. Traditionally, switching costs have been about punishing your customers for switching to a competitor, but right now we want to focus on positive switching costs.   […]

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Looking Beyond Likes

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Every company wants to increase the number of likes on their Facebook page. For a business, having lots of likes provides valuable brand awareness and establishes the foundation of your social media presence. However, it’s important to stay focused on your long-term goals. […]

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Are You Ready For This Jelly?

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On January 7th, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and his company, [...]

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The Heights We Go To For Our Clients

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By: Amanda Bates, Managing Partner at Curve Communications I’ve never [...]

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HERE BE DRAGONS: Arlene Dickinson on Running a Business

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Curve’s PR team was lucky enough to attend a town [...]

Why you may have great content for your customers without even knowing it

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We know. Creating valuable content to share with your customers can be difficult. That is why you shouldn’t neccesarily look to create new content. Often, curating content that you have been accumulating for in-house use is often best! Michael Brenner of Forbes Magazine said it best: “The objective is to simply answer your customers’ top questions, to rank for the top keywords and to generate enough value in each post that your readers want to share it with their connections and come back again.” […]

EnRICHed Academy Wins Big on Dragon’s Den!

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EnRICHed Academy on CBC Dragon's Den

How to Know Which Blogs You Should Work With

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If your business is looking to get some free marketing and PR, Blogs are great way to get press. People follow blogs religiously and many bloggers will be happy to post your event on their page. While not all of them have a calendar-listing page, mentioning your event will do wonders to increase your publicity. […]

What I Learned from William Shatner

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In case you missed it, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is set to become the first Canuck commander of the International Space Station, an accomplishment that will make him the SECOND most talked about Canadian astronaut. The owner of that title, naturally, belongs to William Shatner, captain of the starship Enterprise from ’66-’69. The two had a brief pow-wow yesterday. I’ll stop now before this post becomes a trekkie forum, but suffice it to say, the two had a lot of fun speaking in geek nomenclature. […]