Hey! Your Password Sucks!

By | May 23rd, 2017|Old Newsletters, Uncategorized|

On Tuesday June 16th, password security firm LastPass announced they had been hacked. LastPass CEO and Founder Joe Siegrist reported that “LastPass account email addresses, password reminders, … and authentication hashes were compromised”. It’s a scary reminder that there are people out there who want to hack into your private life. […]

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What is the Fappening and Why Should You Care?

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It happened over the Labour Day weekend, but the ramifications of the nude photo leak (also known as the Fappening) will be felt for weeks (or months) to come. It all started on the online imageboard 4chan, where an anonymous user claimed to have nude photos of hundreds of different female celebrities…for a price. Members of the imageboard sent the hacker over $50,000 dollars worth of Bitcoin and soon enough, illegal photos of nude celebrities were soon flooding the website. Targeted celebrities include Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games), Kaley Cucco (The Big Bang Theory), Victoria Justice (Zoey 101, iCarly), and so many others. […]

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