Why you may have great content for your customers without even knowing it

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We know. Creating valuable content to share with your customers can be difficult. That is why you shouldn’t neccesarily look to create new content. Often, curating content that you have been accumulating for in-house use is often best! Michael Brenner of Forbes Magazine said it best: “The objective is to simply answer your customers’ top questions, to rank for the top keywords and to generate enough value in each post that your readers want to share it with their connections and come back again.” […]

Forget Those Resolutions—Set Some Real Marketing Goals!

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Every January, the momentum of the New Year drives many marketers to write down their business resolutions: Build a better website; Write a solid social media strategy; Make more money. The first few days of January are filled with hope and limitless possibility. […]

The Launch of Douglas Coupland for SwitzerCultCreative

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What an absolute honour it was to work with the legendary Doug Coupland last week in Toronto, as he launched his first furniture collection with our wonderful clients SwitzerCultCreative. […]

Triple Flip Featured on CTV Calgary!

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Linda Maslechko visits CTV and shows off her spring collection!

Douglas Coupland at IDS13 as seen on CBC Toronto

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Douglas Coupland for SwitzerCultCreative as seen on CBC Toronto

Mobilize your Business Through Apps

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With smart phones now being the standard, it is now crucial for businesses to market themselves through apps. And if you’re thinking “I already invest properly in marketing” know that the amount of consumers making purchases over their smartphones is quickly rising – and shows no reason to continue to rise unabated.  […]

Tune in this Thursday at Noon for SwitzerCultCreative and Douglas Coupland!

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A few of us at the Curve office in Vancouver are taking a trip to Toronto this week. No, we aren’t going for the weather. We are heading east for the 2013 Interior Design Show. IDS 2013 takes place January 24th to the 27th.   […]

Chan Hon Goh, Executive Producer of Goh Ballet’s The Nutcracker, visits Global BC

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Chan Hon Goh on Global BC

Goh Ballet’s The Nutcracker featured on JoyTV

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The Nutcracker on JoyTV