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As an advertising platform, Facebook has to constantly evolve to stay ahead of its competitors. In the past few months, Facebook has released several interesting features that will have a major impact your ads’ effectiveness.

Advanced Location Targeting

Facebook had always allowed businesses to target their ads by country or city. While this might seem useful, this usually ends up being way too broad to be practical.

For example, let’s pretend that instead of being a successful marketing company, Curve Communications was actually a successful noodle restaurant (Curve’s Noodle Emporium has a nice ring to it) in the heart of Vancouver. If we wanted to run ads, the smallest geographic audience we could target would still cover all 840,000 people in Vancouver. Even if we only targeted noodle lovers specifically, we would still be targeting people across the whole of Vancouver.

We can get around this by using Advanced Location Targeting through Facebook’s Power Editor (you can read a guide to Facebook’s Power Editor here). Advanced Location Targeting actually lets you target specific addresses. We can even distinguish between people who live here, who were recently in this location, or people traveling through this location. With this, we can target everyone in a two-mile radius of our noodle restaurant to get us the best possible current geographical audience.

Precise Ad Scheduling

Let’s say the Curve Noodle Emporium (we’re sticking with this example) wanted to capture the after-school crowd. We can use Advanced Location Targeting to focus the ads around high schools, but previously, you’d be running ads at times when your target audience would be in class!

With Precise Ad Scheduling, you can choose which days and times you want your ad to be shown. Look at the example schedule below:

Schedule 12.48.17 PM

Following these guidelines, your ads would only be shown after school hours and weekends. Note that you do NOT have to use Power Editor to access this functionality.


Multiple Image Options

With Multiple Image Options, you can now choose to have up to six images associated with one single ad. This option is great if you have multiple different products you want to advertise, but you don’t want to have them as separate ads. The REALLY cool part is that each of these images can have its own short headline and description, and can even lead to different pages.

Noodles 9.51.04 AM

For Curve’s Noodle Emporium, we could use multiple images to showcase our different lines of menu items simultaneously. Facebook automatically moves the most successful images to the front, so you don’t have to worry about the order of images.

Similar to the Precise Ad Scheduling feature above, you do not need to use Power Editor to access Multiple Image Options.