The Pirate Pak is back. For today only, adults can revisit their childhood memories of ordering a White Spot Pirate Pak, complete with cardboard ship, coleslaw and yes, a chocolate gold coin. The decorative swashbuckling presentation is, by policy, only given to children 10-and-under. In reversing their unjust agist policies (for at least one day), White Spot not only allowed all of us to relive innocence lost, it created an effective marketing campaign rooted in nostalgia.

Ever since White Spot first revealed the Pirate Pak Day 2013, Facebook and Twitter have been inundated with comments. Nancy S Leach Tweeted “Yar!!! Happy #piratepack day! Adults can finally order a beer with their pirate pack! #WhiteSpotRestaurant.

This campaign is proving to be effective largely because it’s rooted in a collective memory, shared by a large population. White Spot has capitalized on nostalgic marketing, which is extremely hard to acquire and takes years to develop. The company is surely hoping that reminding people of all the fond memories they had devouring Pirate Pak’s will not only create a temporary buzz and influx of customers, but will create a new batch of returning customers.

Don’t worry if you miss out on Pirate Pak Day 2013. There’s always next year.